5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen

Hello guys welcome to 24to7mac today in this article we are talking about  5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen. We’re likely just days away from the launch of Google’s latest Pixel phone — the potentially pivotal Pixel 6a midranger.

The homescreen on your phone may not be something you think about frequently, but it’s essential to your overall user experience. The best Android smartphones might also offer unique homescreen features you can’t find from other manufacturers.

5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen

And in some cases, you may not use these extra homescreen features to their fullest potential. The Settings app, for example, provides a shortcut widget that gives quick one-tap access to numerous system settings.

This guide covers some of the most useful Settings app shortcuts you can place on your Google Pixel’s homescreen.

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5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen

This article targets Google Pixel smartphones, however some non-Pixel gadgets can also provide comparable performance. You’ll should verify if the Settings app shortcut widget is accessible for you.

Your phone’s homescreen might not be something you think about often, but it’s essential to your overall user experience. The best Android smartphones can also offer unique homescreen features that you cannot get from other manufacturers.

How to add Settings app shortcut actions to your homescreen

Adding a shortcut to your home screen is straightforward, and it might profit your consumer expertise relying on the app. Regarding the Settings app on your gadget, there are fairly a couple of choices for shortcut actions to select from. We cowl those that may be useful to most customers.

To add a shortcut action from the Settings app, check out the following steps:

Check out the following steps to add a shortcut action from the Settings app
  • Long-press any blank space on your homescreen, and then tap Widget,
  • Scroll down the list until you find Adjustment, then tap to reveal it setting shortcut action. Alternatively, open the app drawer and long press Adjustment Application.
  • Touch and hold the shortcut, and then drop it anywhere you like on your homescreen. to select Widgetand then drag and drop setting shortcut Actions on your homescreen.
  • now you will see setting shortcut Screen with a list of all available shortcut actions.
  • Select a shortcut action from the list to place it on your homescreen for quick access. There are over 20 shortcut actions available, some of which are more useful than others.

hence there are 5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen . So lets discuss them below :

Pixel shortcut No. 1: The fast search starter :

As you can see this is the first Pixel shortcut

This first Pixel trick is tied to Android 12, which means it won’t be present on the oldest couple Pixel models from way back when. But as long as you’ve got a reasonably recent Pixel device .

You can fly right into your phone’s fancy universal search system with half the steps it typically takes — if you know where to find the switch. The system we’re talkin’ about here, in case you aren’t familiar, is the search bar within the app drawer of your Pixel’s standard home screen setup.

In addition to searching through your installed apps, that bar can now pull up results from your contacts, conversations, available actions within apps, and system settings in a single streamlined place. It can even take you to a regular ol’ internet search for whatever term you’re typing.

Pixel shortcut No.2: System

As you can see this is the second Pixel shortcut


We get system updates every month of the year, which typically includes security patches, bug fixes, and performance optimizations. The System shortcut is an excellent way to check for system updates from your homescreen.

Checking for updates can help kickstart the update process without waiting for the system notification to pop up. If you regularly check for updates through the settings menu, this shortcut makes it even easier to stay up to date. If you’re a power user using the Developer options feature, this shortcut also helps you reach those settings quickly.

Pixel shortcut No.3: Notification log

As you can see this is the Third Pixel shortcut

5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen

You likely get multiple notifications throughout the day, so managing them is necessary for staying organized. Occasionally, you may run into a situation where you accidentally swipe one away when you meant to view it. Although this can be annoying, there’s an easy way to keep track of them with the Notification log shortcut.

This allows you to view a scrollable list of your recent notifications, even those you swiped away. And the only way to access this screen is through the shortcut.

Tap the Use notification history button on the right to enable the feature. All notifications that come through are stored in the Notification history screen for viewing later. You can also view them using the Notification log shortcut mentioned above, making it even more helpful when you combine both features.


Pixel shortcut No. 4: The lock screen song companion

As you can see this is the fourth Pixel shortcut

5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen

Most ordinary organisms never noticed, but at some point in the not-too-distant past, our purty ol’ Pixels got the option to add Google’s excellent song-identifying system directly onto the lock screen. That way, the next time you hear that one song by that one band (you know, that one…), you’ll be able to avoid wasting an ounce of energy as you desperately seek to identify it.

All it takes is one quick flip of a switch to add it onto your own Googley phone. Provided your Pixel’s got Android 12 on it:

  • Head back into your system settings and again open the Display section.
  • Once more, tap “Lock screen.”
  • Tap the line labeled “Now Playing.”
  • Make sure the main toggle at the top of the screen is on — and then also activate the toggle next to “Show search button on lock screen.”

Pixel shortcut No.5 : App info

As you can see this is the fifth  Pixel shortcut

5 essential shortcuts for your Google Pixel’s home screen

The App info shortcut brings you to the All apps page, allowing you to view every app installed on your device. This enables you to access a specific app-related setting, such as clearing the cache, checking permissions, or changing notification options. You can also use this feature to find system apps that would otherwise be hidden from your app drawer.

Managing the system app settings directly on your homescreen keeps things simple. Fewer taps also means you save a little extra time in the long run.

Place your homescreen shortcuts into their own folder for easy access

Since there are more than 20 Settings app shortcut actions, you could end up with more than the ones we outlined in the list above. Once you have all the shortcuts you want to use on your homescreen, you can combine them into a single folder. Just drag and drop one icon onto another to create a new folder, then bring the rest of the shortcut icons into that folder. Now you can give it a simple name, such as Settings or Settings shortcuts, if it doesn’t do this for you automatically.

Simplify your Google Pixel experience with the Settings app homescreen shortcuts

These homescreen shortcuts can make your life easier, allowing you to avoid digging through your system settings when you don’t have to. We mentioned some of the many Settings app shortcuts currently available, but feel free to try any that aren’t listed here. You may find a few other shortcuts you didn’t know you needed, which is the best part. Use the shortcuts that matter to you the most.

Now that you’ve learned why the Settings app shortcut widget can be helpful, check out more examples of hidden or forgotten Android homescreen shortcuts. Our guide covers various built-in system and app shortcuts that not everyone is aware of but should be using.

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