10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Hello guys welcome to 24to7mac today in this article we are talking about 10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022 . Are you looking for the best epub reader for Windows? Are you interested in the best epub reader for windows 11/10?

Then, My Dear Friend, you are in the right place. Because in this article, we will discuss Best epub Readers for Windows. As you know, epub is the new way to read books online compared to getting a physical hard copy of books. It can reduce the cost of reading books, and you just need to get a . You just need some of the best epub readers for your windows system.

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

EPUB file reader is a file viewer software that allows you to view the ebooks stored in EPUB format. The software interface consists of two parts. The left part will display the document chapter, and right is a browser to show document content.

EPUB Readers can be hardware or software that is meant to support ebook files with .epub extensions and stands for Electronic publication. It is a free and open e-book standard by International Digital Publishing. A popular example of this is Amazon Kindle which is a hardware + software platform designed specifically to read E-books.

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10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

However, now apart from all these things, there are many applications available that allow us to play electronic books, even allow us to convert them from one format to another simply to find the one that best suits our computer, electronic book, or device on which we want to read. So, now without wasting much time, let’s explore the list mentioned below.

Here, we have curated the best Epub readers for a range of Windows versions including Windows 11, Windows 10, all the way down to Windows XP. For quick navigation, you can click on the link below to move to the corresponding program. Apart from that, if you are interested in learning about Epub readers then you can go through our explainer below.

Although there are many epub readers available for users to use online, I have selected some programs on the top of the list based on the user rating and user reviews. So, grab your cup of coffee & sit tight. We are going on a journey.

1.Adobe Digital Editions

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Adobe Digital Editions works to optimize the reading experience across multiple digital devices by seamlessly integrating them under one umbrella. The result is one that is both advanced and extremely efficient for readers.

With ADE, you get to seamlessly transfer your digital books from one device to another. The books you purchase on one device will automatically appear on all of your devices that have ADE installed in them.

You get access to a huge library of e-books coming from different authors and in multiple languages from across the globe. Additional features like Text Highlighting, Library organization, and customized interface are all also accessible with ADE.

2. Cover

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Cover is primarily an app made for reading comic books on your Windows 11 PC, but since the app also supports Epub format, it has made its way on the list. The main reason why Cover is on the list is that since the app is made for comics .

While all the other apps on the list can handle images, they can’t do it as well as Cover can. So, if you are into books that feature a ton of images, Cover will be good for you. On the other hand, if you are into comics and manga, there is no better app that you can get.

3. Icecream ePUB Reader

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Icecream Ebook Reader is easy to use the tool. It helps you to track your reading progress, add notes, translate text, use bookmarks, and more. The tool allows you to read e-books in EPUB, MOBI, CBR, and other readable file formats.. The developers of this program promote it as the simplest ePub reader with speed and performance.

This app has a beautiful interface where users can easily find out the list of books and other information such as file format and reading progress of each book. In addition to this, you can protect your eyes using the night mode feature on Windows platforms. It is a freemium product that supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

4. Bookviser Reader

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Bookviser is an excellent epub reader; it gives you the appearance of reading a Real book. The User interface is quite impressive, making it different from other epub readers for windows. You can change the page colors, text size, and text font as per your requirement.

The interface is also highly customizable with options that enable you to set colors, increase margin size, or change font. You can also adjust the brightness to enhance your reading experience. For those who are conscious about what constant screen exposure can mean for their vision, BookViser offers a night-mode feature that darkens the screen.

BookViser is also home to one of the largest libraries of books that fall under the public domain, which means readers get the opportunity to read a number of globally recognized classics for absolutely free.

5. Kobo

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

For people who aspired to become writers and want to showcase their work, Kobo is a great Epub reader for Windows as it allows you to publish your book and let you make your fanbase. Kobo will have more traditional books in their collection if that’s what you’re looking for.

Kobo also offers you the option to rate books on a scale between 1 to 5 . the Kobo is also dealt with in providing a full-fledged eReader system rather than software. Well, if you are not interested in buying the hardware, try its free Kobo Desktop App. It gives you access to its eBook store that offers more than 5 million books including free ones, comics, and kids’ titles.

6. Freda

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Freda is a minimalistic Epub reader, which you will fall in love with. The app looks just like the Windows 11/10 native app and makes Epubs stand like they really should. Apart from the fantastic visuals, the app has theming capabilities that you can use to customize the reading experience.

It is an universal ebook app, which means it runs equally well on your desktop PC or tablet PC. It is one of the best ePUB reader which works on any phone or tablet running Jellybean, Kitkat, or any more recent version of the Android operating system. The app looks like a native Windows 11 app and makes Epubs really stand out when you read them on it.

One of my favorite features of this app is its theming capabilities which allow users to customize the look and feel of the app to make it exactly how they like it.

7. Bibliovore

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Bibliovore is yet another great free Epub reader for your Windows machine. The app can be easily downloaded from the Windows app store and is completely free to download and use. I love this app because it brings fantastic organizational features allowing you to manage even a large library of books with ease.

The app also allows you to easily adjust font parameters, manage reading themes, edit book metadata, use day/night reading mode, and more. One of my

favorite features of this app is that despite being free, it syncs all your books across devices using OneDrive. I think this is one of the best epub readers for Windows 10 that you can use right now.

8. Nook

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

Nook, another big fish in the epub reader market. Barnes & Noble, also known as Nook readers, is very well known in the digital reading market. Nook tablets and other devices are the biggest rivals of Amazon in the digital reading market. All the Nook devices have reading epub files capability .

The Nook ePub app is free with sample Nook books, however for newspapers or magazines, one has to pay. Well, before doing that you can enjoy the free 14 days trial of it.  If we talk about the interface, it’s not going to make you feel bad at all.

We can view ebooks with different fonts, line spacing, and themes, turn pages with the flick of a finger or jump to any page. It supports Windows 10 along with Android and iOS platforms.

9. Calibre

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022


Calibre is one of the best open-source Epub readers for Windows and is compatible with Epub Reader Windows 10 edition as well. It is prevalent among people and is the first proper Epub Reader launched. This Epub reader made way for many new Epub reader software with much more advanced tools for users to work on.

Calibre gives you access to tons of books on their digital library and has a very user-friendly interface to store your books digitally. Calibre allows its users to share their collection with other users as well. You can also make a backup of your books collections in the e-library. Calibre is such a great Epub reader that the format is compatible with other Epub reader software

10 . EpubReader

10 Best ePUB Readers For Windows PC in 2022

The EpubReader is the only paid application on the list. The application is quite simple to read ePUB books on your Windows PC, which also allows you to download books from preconfigured and personal sources, easily manage the library of your book, track the progress of reading, and much more.

One of the main features of this application is that you can quickly transfer your complete library to an SD card or OneDrive. EpubReader is a great application to manage an extensive library of books without having to store anything on your Windows PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Does Windows 10 have EPUB Reader?

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser drops support for EPUB eBook files. You’ll need a third-party EPUB reader application to view EPUB files on Windows 10, and we have some good free options to choose from.

How do I read EPUB files on Windows 11?

When you want to open an epub file, click on the EPUBReader icon in the toolbar and you’ll see a folder icon appear. Click this, find the epub file, then double click it to see the contents displayed in your browser window.

What program opens EPUB files on Windows?

You can use Adobe Digital Editions to open your EPUB files on Mac and Windows. To open them on Adobe reader, you will have to convert EPUB files to PDF file format.

Can I open an ePub in Microsoft Word?

You can use a two-step process to get from ePub to Word. First, install the free Calibre program from http://calibre-ebook.com/. Once Calibre is running, use the Add button to select the ePub file for input, and click the Convert Books button.

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